Sharp 2020 postponed to 2022

Dear SHARPists,

Although we received an unprecedented number of abstracts for SHARP 2020 in Amsterdam, I am afraid global circumstances have made it impossible for us to proceed with a conference in 2020. Like most academic societies around the world, SHARP has decided to postpone this year’s conference to July 11th-15th 2022 (with reservation). In light of the enthusiasm for meeting in Amsterdam and because of all the hard work and exciting plans of the Amsterdam conference committee, we intend to hold a SHARP annual conference in Amsterdam as soon as global travel permits.

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@bre_weber @sharpamsterdam It's usually around 31 December...

as @CorinnaNoRue suggested going to @sharpamsterdam next year by bike I am thinking whether we could perhaps borrow our library's ebike for that – in case we need to transport some books or the like. 🤔🙃 #MovingTexts2021

viola voß@v_i_o_l_a

die #ULBmuenster hat jetzt ein #lastenrad. für *richtige* lasten. 🚲📚📚📚💪😍🙃

While this wonderful conference week is coming to an end, our box of texts - inspired by such interesting discussions - is about to set off to another adventure. Its next destination: Amsterdam! Let's make the traveling texts a SHARP tradition. What do you say @sharpamsterdam? 📚

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