Call for Papers

The call for papers is closed.

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Suggested topics

→ The role of manuscripts, printed books, magazines, journals, newspapers, blogs, websites, or tweets in social movements (moral, intellectual, artistic, political, popular, religious)
→ The potentially emancipatory power of reading and writing, literacy
→ Books and manuscripts as material traces (i) of people and their interests (authors, publishers, readers), or (ii) of geopolitical policy (propaganda, diplomacy, granting programs, cultural industries)
→ Libraries, the role of the librarian today
→ Emerging and evolving figures in the book trade (e-publishers, e-pirates, agents, consultants, bloggers)
→ Disinformation, censorship and deceit through the ages
→ Clandestine presses
→ Art and oppression (e.g. Dada, the Russian structuralists)
→ Social media and visual communication in relation to the written word

Proposals on other aspects of print culture are also welcome. We also encourage proposals for lightning talks, posters, and digital project demonstrations. These must include a title and abstract (max. 250 words). Proposals and papers will be written in English. However, presenting a lightning paper (5 minutes) can be done in any language.

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